More kids in our future…

As I write this, I am 9 months pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second bundle of joy…but this post is not about human babies…

I am actually talking about goat kids, like baby goats, you know, the ones almost every one finds adorable, those kids you see in human baby pjs because, come on, it is ABSOLUTELY cute and one of the most precious things in this life. I. LOVE. GOATS.

I have been in love with goats ever since I knew of their existence as a kid. As an adult, with the space at home and a loving husband, that I can share an animal passion with we have been proud goat owners for a little over a year now.

First starting with our two silly girls, sisters, Lucy and Tata. I will not explain the meanings or the reason why we chose those names, because, well, to be completely honest…I don’t even think I know it.

Our silly girls have been a joy to have. They can be loud and demanding of attention but nonetheless, a JOY, for sure!

Lucy (demanding daddy’s head rubs) back, Tata (always has to be the center of attention, making sure she makes it in the picture) front ((obviously))

This spring has been a busy one with new members on the farm, including, our more timid, less attention seeking – boys- Chocolate Chunk and Frosty.

Frosty, left. Chocolate Chunk, right.

Maybe their picture can explain their names…or not. Either way, I’ll leave you to decide why their names actually have a meaning.

So to get back on topic, I hope you have used context clues to see what I mean by my title. With Chocolate Chunk being the only one able to father any of our future goat babies, this leaves Frosty with the title of “dedicated uncle” to keep Chocolate Chunk company in the future when he has to be apart from the girls. Did I mention, these handsome boys are brothers? You could possibly guess by their resemblance though.

With goat babies, also comes goat milk from the girls. Another thing we can add to our list of “farm fresh products”, and maybe also, goat milk products like soap and lotion!! Something I’m definitely excited to make for us!

The day the girls end up pregnant is going to be an exciting one, bringing so much more to our journey and one we definitely look forward to!


Egg Layers…

One of the biggest farm fresh items that come out of our farm are, well as the title hints, EGGS!

With a family that can consume eggs by the dozens…we make sure we have them fresh every morning.

It’s such a great feeling eating something you know is so clean and fresh. I have stated before in my previous posts how hard it has been for us to get back to eating store bought eggs. Winter time we have to basically lower our standards when it comes to eggs, with the girls’ yearly “chicken strike” every time the weather gets colder, we have to resort to store bought.

Another reason why we almost jump with joy once the days start getting longer and start getting warmer. I’m sure the girls would too if they could show emotion like that. Or maybe they do and we just haven’t noticed it?

Anyway, to add to our obsession, this spring we added a good amount of egg layers to our number…and we CANNOT wait for these babies to start laying!

Summer is here!

Ahh! The greatness of hot weather and a whole lotta vitamin D!

We, on the farm are definitely enjoying this weather, with being able to start raising our meat chickens and more egg layers, it really sets off for a great start to the season.

Today, my husband, Nathan, was able to get our broiler chicks out of their brooder into their coop, on the field. Now that means those babies will be getting some good bugs out of the grass and in just a few short weeks, we will have fresh, pasture raised chicken in our freezer!

For us, after getting used to any product that comes out of our farm, it has been nearly impossible to consume it out of a grocery store. Up to this point, that includes, eggs, chicken, and turkey.

This spring we added four different members to our farm that will add to our list of farm fresh items to consume. Which I will make sure to update you on the greatness of consuming more of their fresh products!

Pasture raised broiler chicks

Shorter days, no eggs

With winter here and shorter days we have experienced a shortage, or I should say, a “chicken strike” when it comes to chicken eggs. Cold weather can also affect the rate a chicken will lay eggs at, but shorter days are definitely the biggest culprit.

With the sun going down closer to 5:00PM, compared to the mid-December, 4:00PM-ish sunsets, the girls seem to be catching up on their slack.

Today, we got one egg.

Not the greatest, for a household that can put down eggs cooked in all kinds of ways. Still though, we have a hard time consuming store bought eggs. Let me tell you, once you get used to consuming farm fresh eggs every morning, it’s hard to break the habit. I’d like to say that it’s not the case but I know many people that can back this up.

With short days and cold weather, as a farmer, and as someone that enjoys not having to wear multiple layers of clothing just to go to the closest gas station in town, I am missing warmer days. And farm fresh eggs. But, as always, time flies. Spring will be here in a heart beat and like every year, I can’t wait.